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Welcome to Evolved Performance Fitness. My name is Robin, I’m a Personal Trainer who works exclusively with men and women who are serious about getting fit for the armed forces and who want to take their health and fitness to a whole new level.
No matter what your current level of fitness is or training experience, my personal training and coaching programmes are designed to get you into the best possible shape and give you the confidence to easily pass your pre-joining fitness assessment and have the best possible start to your armed forces career.
Whether you’re joining for a role in the Army, RAF, Navy or Royal Marines, the Evolved Performance Fitness Programmes are designed with the key fitness requirements for the armed forces in mind.
The EPF Programme aims not only to get you passed your initial training phase, but to guarantee that you exceed all requirements and that you reach your ultimate fitness potential. This is not a quick fix programme, what you will learn and gain from EPF will benefit you for a lifetime.

Fit for Action

“I’ve been preparing for my PJFT for a while now, but my fitness seems to have hit a wall and progress has been minimal.”

You train hard and often. Your focus is purely motivated by your desire to get the role of your dreams in the armed forces, but no matter how hard you try, your fitness seems to show no significant improvement.

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Fighting Fit

“I always give max effort when it comes to training but I feel so tired afterwards and it takes me a long time to recover.”

You have a decent level of fitness and train several times a week, however your body is starting to feel the strain of constant exercise and you’re worried this will have an impact when it comes to your pre-joining fitness test.

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Ultimate Fitness

“I want to join the armed forces but I’m worried I won’t pass my fitness test as I’ve not exercised in a while and I don’t know where to start.”

Your committed to joining the armed forces but you lack the know-how on the best way to train. You’re not the best runner but you need to have a decent level of stamina for your 1.5 mile run. You also struggle with push-ups and sit-ups and could really use some help improving your core strength.

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