How Healthy is Your Golf Posture?

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How Healthy is Your Golf Posture?

One of the most common dysfunctions I see when first assessing a golfer is improper posture at address.  Does posture really matter?  Of course it matters!  In order to maximize swing efficiency and minimize the potential risk of injury, a neutral posture is ideal at address.  If not neutral, the two other set up postures you will see are C-posture and S-posture.  This month we will be looking closely at C-posture and its associated pitfalls in the golf swing.

C-posture is easily identified by a noticeable rounding of the upper back which can lead to limited backswing range of motion, possible neck pain and injury and a reverse spine angle at the top of the backswing.  This posture is commonly seen is mature populations.

Do you have C-posture?

Take your 5-iron and set up in address position perpendicular to a mirror.  If you don’t have a full length mirror, ask someone to quickly snap a picture of you.  Visualize or better yet draw a line (if you have the technology) beginning at your tail bone up to the base of your neck.  If there is a portion of your back above the line you’ve drawn, you have C-Posture.

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