Platinum Programme

The Platinum programme is for fitness enthusiasts who are looking to maximise their results with an effective core strengthening and body conditioning phase.

This programme is ideal if you have or have previously suffered injuries from training and are looking for a way to still reach an optimal level of health and fitness without risking further injury.

The platinum programme is also perfect for you if you have a particularly weak core, if you struggle with performing certain exercises effectively or want to improve your flexibility.

What’s included in the Platinum programme?

You will receive everything that’s in the silver and gold programmes PLUS:

A 4 Week Body Conditioning and Core Strengthening Programme

The aim of this programme is to prepare your body physically to be able to better handle the stresses and demands of high intensity physical exercise. The programme will focus on:

  • Improving posture
  • Increasing flexibility
    Improving core strength and stability
  • Enhancing strength and endurance via body conditioning
  • Injury prevention
  • Mastering exercise technique

You will be coached one-to-one on each of these aspects, so that by the end of the 4 weeks your body will have a solid foundation in core strength, conditioning and flexibility . Even if you already consider yourself to have a strong core and be flexible, this programme will expose any weak links and aim to shore them up.

The body conditioning phase is designed to lay the foundation in fitness by increasing body strength through functional body weight movements combined with high intensity. This is also an excellent opportunity to improve your cardiovascular stamina as well.

By dedicating a few weeks to improving these key areas, you will find that every other aspect of your fitness such as strength, endurance, power and motivation will sky rocket. Additionally, your body will be less prone to injury and recover much faster from the effects of post exercise soreness and fatigue.

This means that when it comes to the main 8 week programme that follows the conditioning phase, your body will be super prepared, and you will be able to perform for longer, work harder and ultimately get even better results!

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