Silver Programme

The Silver package is specifically designed for health enthusiasts who want to achieve great results in their fitness and focus on the physical aspect of training.

Silver participants are looking to see dramatic changes in their strength, stamina, endurance and muscle tone.

If you enjoy a challenge, like trying new ways of training and want to see results quickly, then the Silver programme is for you.

What’s included in the Silver programme?

Personal Training Sessions 2x a Week

  • Over the course of the 8 weeks, you will receive top quality one-to-one training which will focus specifically on achieving your fitness goals.
  • You can have up to two 45 minute sessions a week over the course of the 8 weeks, with each session promising to push your potential to the max.

An 8 Week Progressive Exercise Training Programme

  • An innovative and challenging high intensity programme which has been specifically designed to strengthen and condition all aspects of the body, with special focus on core strength and cardiovascular performance.
  • Two different workouts are performed each week with new workouts provided every two weeks to ensure that your body is constantly adapting and achieving great results.
  • Log sheets of all the workouts to track your progress.
  • Video access of all the workouts used during the 8 week programme which will guide you through each exercise.



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